Traveling to Hawaii? Rent a Car!

First thing’s first, when looking to rent a car on a trip or vacation, you should make plans as far in-advance as you can, so that way you can take advantage of any package deals or discounts.  You can either call or check online for local car rental agencies, or handle it through a travel agency.  Before renting a car, it’s a good idea to figure out which company is best, what car fits your needs, and how to best use it while you’re in Hawaii.

Hawaii roads are breathtaking!

Shopping Around

It’s a good idea to go small, if you can, when looking for a car rental agency.  The independent rentals will have less overhead costs and therefore lower prices for the consumer.  You can look to save around a fourth on your rental fees if you go with the small rental agencies, but if you can get a great deal with any of the major names like Avis or Hertz, go for the best package deal.  The big brands usually offer more flexibility and service extras.

Pay attention to any fees for customer support features, availability, and the number of places you can pick-up or drop-off your vehicle.  If you can help it, try to avoid the airport locations for rental car service; you’ll end up paying an arm and a leg, and at no real gain in convenience.

Take advantage of your car rental in Hawaii

With a car to drive wherever and whenever you please, you should make the most out of traveling to the tucked-away places outside of the tourist hubs.  Once you start to see the traffic dwindle and the vegetation swallow up the horizon, you start to see the quiet beauty of Hawaii and the little villages littered throughout.

One example of this amazing change of scenery is by traveling on the famous Hana Highway.  This road is akin to riding on a roller coaster, with winding turns that bring you face-to-face with the mountain cliffs and valleys that shape Maui.  You’ll get a feast for the eyes with the beautiful coastline by your side, lush vegetation, breath-taking waterfalls, and luminescent pools.  The drive is about 4 hours long, so plan the whole day for a road trip with plenty of stops for pictures and exploring the best that Hawaii has to offer.  No worries about being on schedule, just go with the flow: the Hawaiian Way.