X-Treme Scooter X-600

X-Treme Scooter X-600 High Performance Electric Scooter Review

X-Treme Scooter X-600The X-Treme Scooter X-600 High Performance Electric Scooter has a powerful 600-watt motor run by three 12-volt batteries for optimum efficiency. Providing a fun and high-performance design, the scooter is equipped with a high tensile steel frame (good for jumping), a hard abs resin deck, 20-inch billet aluminum racing bars, polished steel shocks, and aluminum mag wheels with oversized 10-inch tires. With a rear chain drive system, the Electric Scooter can drive for up to 10 miles per battery charge at up to 23 miles per hour.

The X-Treme Scooter is trick ready with a front and rear suspension system, front vented disk and rear drum brake system, and a variable speed control throttle. The scooter comes with an optional seat kit, a smart charger, and a kickstand welded to the frame. Convenient to store and transport, the scooter holds into a locked position.

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The X-Treme Scooter X-600 High Performance Electric Scooter may well be one of the best electric scooters for adults you can buy. The motor powers up to 600 watts, with electricity supplied by three batteries of the 12 volt type. Riders who like to make their electric scooter jump will appreciate the powerful tensile steel frame which helps make the X-600 one high performance vehicle.

It also comes with a tough abs resin deck, 20-billet racing bars made of aluminium, shocks made of polished steel, and oversized tires measuring 10 inches fitted with aluminium mag wheels. One can drive for as far as 10 miles after fully charging the electric battery and reach as fast as 23 miles per hour (due to the rear chain drive.)

The X-600 features a rear and front suspension system, a rear drum brake system, a front vented disk, and variable speed control throttle. There is also a kickstand connected to the frame, a smart charger, as well as a seat kit (optional during purchase.)

X-Treme Scooter Features

Design: Stand up; optional sit down seat kit included

Frame: High tensile steel (good for jumping)

Deck: ABS–Resin-QR

Handlebars: 20-inch billet aluminum racing bars

Forks: Polished steel shocks

Wheel type: Aluminum mag wheels (oversize tires)

Tire size: 10 inches

Speed: 23-plus miles per hour (depending on rider weight and terrain)

Distance per charge: 10-plus miles (depending on rider weight and terrain)

Braking system: Front vented disk and rear drum brakes

Drive system: Chain

Suspension system: Front and rear suspension system

Throttle type: Variable speed control

Controller: Heavy duty (36 Amp)

Optional seat kit included

Spring loaded seat: Yes

Tool kit

Kickstand welded to frame

Foldable: Folds and locks in folded position

Height: 42 inches to handlebars (seat height adjustable)

Length: 44

Tire size: 10 inches

Weight: 75 pounds

Maximum weight capacity: 330 pounds

Power: Electric

Watts: 600

Amps: 36-plus

Volts: 36

Batteries: Three 12 volt 12 Amp full-size batteries

Charger: Smart charger included

X-Treme Scooter User reviews

danny- about the X-Treme Scooter X-600 High Performance Electric Scooter

“a great scooter easy to assemble brakes are good. replacement are easy to put in and a great scooter for transportation and just riding, also great for kids”

Chuck Hatthaway

“I ride this scooter every day to and from work and I am very pleased with the performance out of the box. It only took me 10 minutes to put together out of the box. I had a razor e300 for a year which was getting old, and batteries were dying. So I decided it was time to upgrade. After doing lots of research I ended up with the X-Treme Scooter X-600 High Performance Electric Scooter, it is the cheapest scooter in its class [size of motor]. I ordered it with Amazon Prime and it came the next day! Now that is service. I have only had it a few days but I must say that it feels solid and does everything I ask it to. I only wish it were easier to fold with use of the seat. And the front brakes are of little or no use because of the throttle location. With a weight of around 75 LBS it makes carrying and storing a little tricky if you have to go up steps.”

Kathy K. Mccoy “kkm6950″

“This is a great scooter. Quality construction, VERY easy assembly, excellent power!! We had a slightly smaller, different brand and there is a huge difference in the quality of this product vs the other one. We are quite pleased!!”

The best place to buy an X-Treme Scooter X-600 is Amazon, they a have a great range of scooters at low prices and you can also get all you accessories there as well.

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